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Hello Visitor!

I am professor in the Department of Basic Neurosciences, University of Geneva. Before that I was an associate professor in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience of Language in the School of Psychological Science, University of Bristol.

I am interested to know how people understand oral and written language in real time and without visible effort, especially in cases where linguistic input is rather complex and unpredictable. A question that I have focussed on lately concerns memory representations and neural mechanisms that support language. I also have done work on development of counterfactual language and negation in young children and how it interacts with their theory-of-mind and cognitive control.

My translational research has looked at the possibility of using early automatic EEG responses in clinical diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairement and dementia.

Nov 2023: I am looking for a PhD student and a postdoc to work with me on questions in neurobiology of compositional computation in syntax/semantics and beyond. The details are available HERE. If you interested, and you are an independent, creative and resourceful person with excellent programming, statistical,  signal processing and writing skills (just that :)), do get in touch!

I have directed the NeuroLingoLab at Bristol - check us out!

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